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Pragati Resort అమృతాహారం - డా ఖాదర్ వలి Book Download

Pragati Resort అమృతాహారం -  డా ఖాదర్ వలి  Book Download 

Dr khader's khader vali message about healthy food and diet for good health and fitness , and cure of all diseases and live without medicines

dr khader says eat high fiber food i.e millets, siridhanyalu which is having high quantity of rich fiber for good health and control blood sugar levels and cure diabetes and all other like blood pressure, also cancer etc, by using these food taking some kashayalu and some food milk restrictions.

dr khaddar vali sir says about for all types of diseases, no need to take medicines life long, please take these type of food (siridhanyalu, millets) change your food habits stop taking rice, wheat, milk, tea, sugar and take millet's of 5 types all get away from all types of diseases.

5 types of millets we need to eat daily by alternative method
1. Foxtail millet rice (కొర్ర బియ్యం )
2. Brown top millet rice (అండుకొర్ర బియ్యం )
3. Kodo millet (అరికెలు )
4. Little millet (సామలు )
5. Barnyard millet (ఊదలు)

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