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Moringa uses health benefits , side effects, daily use of moringa powder

Moringa uses health benefits , 

side effects, daily use of moringa powder 

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Moringa health benefits, side effects

Moringa tree. Moringa is familiar to everyone, but most of its value is unknown to anyone. Moringa have rich of nutrients ehich helps to human daily life.

Moringa  leaf contains 36 types of health supplements and 17 varieties of amino acids.

The human body can produce only 12 types of amino acids. The remaining 8 types of amino acids need to be taken from the outside from food.

There are a lot of mineral salts in this Moringa .

They are iron, calcium, vitamin 'A, B, B1, B2, B3, B6 etc.

Our body is very sensitive to the important mineral salts present in this Moringa (munagaku) leaves. this minerals should observed by our body quickly.

The main thing is that the minerals in it are more than all the vitamins. For example:

Vitamin A provides 100% of 25% of carrot.

That is 100 grams of Moringa (munagaku)in powder

10 times vitamin C in carrot,

25 times the IRON to spinach,

Vitamin C in the Orange Fruit 12 times,

17 times calcium in milk,

15 times the amount of potassium in banana,

This is available in the Moringa (munagaku) leaf powder.

It also improves the eyesight.

It is useful for a heart problem.

If a day is sprinkled with a tea spoon Moringa (munagaku) powder with pure honey, Such as heart block, which prevents it from getting paralyzed problems.

This Moringa (munagaku) are very useful for patients who suffering diabetes.

take this Moringa (munagaku) powder daily for 3 months,
The researchers say that sugar levels are the most suitable after eating.

Moringa (munagaku) powder can be taken either in a day's diet or in water.

This helps keep the kidney function properly due to antioxidants.

Also works as anti aging.

The haremone in which the zeatin is very useful for skin care is to protect it from the collisions that fall on the ages.

It works well for arthritis and arthritis.

It helps in sperm count.

This can be used by any side effects, which is why it is included in Ayurveda.


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